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b Sunday, August 9, 2009 a

15 May 09
Happy Birthday to my dear buddy Fendy!!!

9:58 PM

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6 May 2009
In the morning, I was having fun with the NTU Crazies.. Playing with cream and highlighter... At night, we had Farewell party for Cho Rong at NTU Staff..

7 May 2009
Bye Cho Rong & So0 Min.. we will visit u in Korea~

9:45 PM

b Friday, May 15, 2009 a

5 May 2009
Takako going back to Japan T.T

Bye~ I will miss u too~

4 May 2009
Takako is going back to Japan tomorrow... Together with Sarah and other friends.. We went to NTU staff club to drink...

3 May 2009
Takako Birthday Party ^^

7:59 PM

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27 April 09
Finally exam end.. but i got no holidays T.T gonna do project till 5 june...

25 April 09
Went to airport in the early morning.. all the way from NTU to changi airport... reach there around 7.45am.. Chika and Yuko are going back to Japan T.T This day still come~ sad...

Bye Chika~ I really Gonna Miss You T.T

24 April 09
Chika is going back to Japan on 25 may T.T Today is the last day in NTU for her... At night, both of us walked around the whole school.. we took many photo too..

22 April 09
After KM exam.. went to have lunch with Chika at canteen 4... that day was soooo hot~ Anyway, it's yuko's birthday too.. At night, Chika and me went to Yuko's room and celebrate with her.. The cake is really nice.. hahah

7:15 PM

b Tuesday, April 28, 2009 a

More than 1 month never update my blog... Beside studying like Crazy everyday, there are many other things which happened during the month... Guess i will need a few days to update everything.. Here goes

20 April 09
Math 4 exam.. Oh no!!!! My hand was shaking during the exam... I can't do most of the questions.. After all those hardcore study, i still don't know how to do... Arh!!!! Please, i don't wanna repeat this fucking module!!! T.T

16 April 09
Have been sick for a few days already.. Fever and cough.. The cough is really killing me... And today was Physics Exam.. What The Fuck!!!! so worry that i will fail this paper T.T
Anyway, things got better at night... Chika and i went up to Nanyang House to Play Saxophone... we met this malay guy who likes my playing so much.. he even recorded my playing.. Beside playing saxophone, we also recorded some birthday greeting message in 千仁...

12 April 09
After studying with my crazy group of friends.. we went out to pioneer station to have dinner together.. While having dinner, we met Chika and Takako... Chika dyed her hair!!! Just like mine.. those super bright colour.. WoW~

10 April 2009
Good friday... it was really a very good friday.. Went out the whole day with Chika.. We met up at 12pm, then went to jurong point to buy bread.. After that, went to take mrt to orchard.. In the train, we met Yuko and Low.. and they alight at clementi.. Chika and me watched a Japanese movie.. "Handsome Suit". Really a funny show.. Beside movie, we also shop around and bought a teddy bear for Yuko's coming birthday.. We name the bear "千仁", a combination of "千佳 & 仁". 千佳 also has the ability to record voice!! We went back to NTU at around 10.30pm and study together.. I could do almost all the question for her commuication module, but none for my freaking engineering shit.. Really in the wrong path!!! T.T
After studying, I went to chika's room and chat, play computer till around 2am..

8 April 09

Chika was having a concert in school... Her saxophone improved a lot from the first day i know her..

31 March 09

A Japanese Traditional Music Band - Fuku No Ne Ensemble.. Came to NTU to perform.. They are really good!!! When i go speak to them, they thought i'm japanese =P

29 March 09

Went to have Steamboat buffet with Venus and Tony.. they are my friends from Taiwan..

27 March 09

Yumi went back to Japan.. Before going to airport, Chika, Takako and me went to bugis to get something for her.. In the end, Wei Zhong and me gave a bottle of sand from Egypt

1:57 AM

b Monday, March 23, 2009 a

22 March 09
It's a very sad day.. It was suppose to be a very Sweet beautiful Sunday... but.. T.T Anyway, when to look for Yuko at around 11.15pm... first time in her room... =P Hahaha.. Thank you Yuko.. Thanks for listening to all my problems.. really have a good chat with her till 1am.. Hahaha...

21 March 09
Work... so long never do this job.. Was working with Adam, Marvin and our boss Eddie.. hahaha... all the instrument suddenly feel so heavy... guess we are really getting old.. After the job, we ate so man burger

19 March 09
NTU Pageant Competition.. Kim Teck is the 1st runner up!!! WOW!!!!! We drank too much during the celebration... =P

9:22 PM

b Thursday, March 19, 2009 a

18 March 2009
Sigh~ Really down with luck.. or should i just said "This is my Life~". I'm really heartbroken (T-T) Sometime my life just get sooo FUCK UP!!! Arh!!! I don't blame anyone, nobody is wrong when these things happened.. this is just my life.. I'm should not give up, but i'm really too tired to fight back...

1:15 AM

b Tuesday, March 10, 2009 a

9 March 2009
A very special day which i will remember forever~

7 March 2009
Uncle's Wedding.. so the whole family went back to Malaysia Batu Pahut.. My hometown.. The last time i been there was like more than 2 years ago. it has change so much..

11:25 PM

b Monday, March 2, 2009 a

27 Feb 2009
NTU Chinese Orchestra Performance... This was a great day for me... Make a lot of new friends... Chika, Yuko and Alex came to support me.. I'm soooo Touched.. It was chinese orchestra performance, but i'm playing saxophone solo with the orchestra being my background...Cool~ Wahaha.. But it was quite stressful because Chika and Wai Cai (NTU Band) were there.. They are all good saxophone player...

After the concert, Yuko went back to NTU first.. she said she's really tired.. Fendy and Wei Zhong drive down to Victoria Concert Hall and fetched us to Changi Village.. then to Jalan Kayu for prata... Alex went home from there.. Then we drive to Geylang to see "Okama".. Wahaha.. Finally, we sent Chika back to NTU...

Chika, Yuko & Me

Watches that Chika & I exchange for Christmas ^^
26 Feb 2009
Went out with Geraldine... so long never see her... hmmm.. she has grown up and not as tanned as before.. Wahahah... we exchange valentine's gift and and had lunch together.. Actually we wanna go out together on valentine, but both of us were busy, so drag till today... Guess the next time i see her will be a few months or even few years later..

12:41 AM